The KADMOS software developer kit (SDK) provides software developers the possibility to integrate high performance, multi lingual text- hand print and check mark recognition.

KADMOS best mobile OCR/ICR®

The KADMOS best mobile SDK for text recognition (OCR) and hand print recognition (ICR) provides app and software developers the chance to integrate high performance OCR and ICR technologies in their applications.

KADMOS best Fraktur® historical fonts

KADMOS best Fraktur (historical fonts) is one of the unique systems worldwide, which gives the possibility to convert historical fonts into actual text fonts, with the maximum of speed and accuracy.

KADMOS best Individual Developments

We develop your specialized software application for text-, hand print  and check mark recognition. With the support of KADMOS best OCR/ ICR® SDK we are always able to stay in your timeline and your budget.

What we offer?

KADMOS best OCR/ICR® is an easily integrated character recognition software component (Software Developer Kit (SDK)) for professional use in software applications which need the very best text and hand print recognition.

KADMOS best OCR/ICR® supports all common operating systems as Windows Vista/7/8, Linux Suse32 / Ubuntu 64, Android, Apple OSX, Apple iOS, Windows Mobile, and others.

KADMOS recognizes hand- and machine print (ICR and OCR), Fraktur, special fonts as OCRA, OCRB, F7B, CMC7, E13B, as well as marks (OMR checkmarks).


KADMOS  is available for worldwide all current languages with Latin character sets. Additionally KADMOS offers special languages as Cyrillic, Greek, Thai, Hebrew, Arabic, and others.

KADMOS best OCR/ICR® uses the latest mathematical methods, algorithms, and knowledge.

KADMOS best OCR/ICR® is the only OCR/ICR with a further developed SVM (Support Vector Machine) procedure. This results in an up to 10 fold higher accuracy of recognition. With this invention we have the technology that dwarfs all the other recognition engines. Additionally, specific character classifiers ensure highest speed of recognition.


KADMOS is a leading software in the field of text and hand print recognition (OCR and ICR). High performance and easily to integrate Software. Developer Kits (SDKs) are offered for software manufacturers and developers.


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